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What Uribe is taking along is the dossier he has on Chavez, certainly the real reason of his stop over in hostile La Paz, to make sure Evo Morales knows what he is defending and the risks he is taking if he follows Chavez all the way through.All conclude that a reelection in 2012 is looking uphill with three long years to go where the only hope is a return of oil to the 100 USDso as to bring him out of the financial ditch he has fallen.With the new political turn to the right in Panama we can even expect a closer relation.Find this Pin and more on Simple Travel by tshoxenreider. March 2018. See More. In My. Vamos a escalar este 7 mil y ello,.With the recent breathless events in Colombia I think it is time that we review a little bit the situation.The only country that could do so one day is Colombia, not by its size but by its land a climate that can support a consequent population, its relative better education and its privileged strategic position: no matter how strong Brazil becomes, as long as Colombia is prosperous and at the center of a sensible alliance (with or without the US) Brazil will never be able be the US of South America.

But he also knows that within two years there might be right wing victories in Chile, Uruguay, and maybe even Brazil, so Uribe is certainly playing for the long term, to better days and as the true statesman he is, Uribe is probably already working for his legacy and to ensure the success of his follower.If in Venezuela the press is a little bit demure, or lazy, in doing the necessary inquiring, when you read the Colombian one you can see by yourself the amount of details exposed, with names of Venezuelan officials collaborating with the FARC, dates, locales, etc, etc.Even though the Cuban government is Communist, which we here in America have been taught is the lyingest form of government imaginable, possibly even worse than ours, you can be certain that no country would admit to an insufficiency of this nature unless it were extremely true.Uribe stop in Brasilia will be to tell Lula that unless he starts becoming more effective at controlling Chavez, unless UNASUR is a real protection instrument engaging for Colombia against he FARC, then Colombia will proceed with its next best option: a tight alliance with the US.Not to mention that once Chavez has installed the regime he has always wanted he will be forced to support the FARC more actively than what he does today, with all the risks this entails.Entre El TLCAN y La OMC, La Negociacion de Conflictos Entre EEUU y Mexico - Ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online.It seems that Uribe will not to commit the mistake of running for a third term.However besides the Panama intervention to justifiably remove Noriega there has been really not much to complain from the US since the Carter years.

Currently both countries have different political ruling groups but they share one thing, the belief that free markets, with some control, are the best way to dig from underdevelopment.For more posts by this author, please visit and bookmark Searching for Signs.

And as it is usually the case it is best to start with a map.No one can be certain -least of all Trump- that all of the conservative members of the Supreme Court will march in. (y ello, a su.

It seems that Chavez this time means it, that he wants to wean himself from Colombia because he knows that the trade deficit in favor of Colombia will protect him less and less agaisnt the mounting evidence of his association with the FARC.Up With The 2018 Target Of. without having to march to Abuja for basic administrative tasks or their.They would be clambakes compared to the toilet-paper hearings.

Uribe is going to get its FTA even if it means distancing itself of its continenalt sector.Check out this new tune by Fefe titled, Kilowi. Enjoy. Fefe (pronounced Fayfay) is undoubtedly one of the next big female acts to watch out for.After all, the nice reception of Bush by Lula was more the one of a seller to his big customer, a way to show that Brazil was becoming a big player.Telecommunications and creative design can. taking place from 29 February to 1 March and the.In the Depths of the Ecuadorian Amazon, Digital Communications Aid the Process of Self-Determination.After all now the Colombian army has demonstrated its strength and serious observers know that the Colombian military will not be there to serve coffee to US officials.Here are just a few examples of the rampant media insensitivity: Holy Crap.

Vedo che il mondo impazzisce per sapere con certezza notizie del peggior.That confrontation is unavoidable and the military bases are in fact a means of pressure to force countries to start choosing their side while damage can still be limited. -The end-.Uribe is thus probably looking to the distant future and this is also an element that must be considered in his whirlwind tour of South America capitals.

Colombians are certainly not the folks to take up lightly mistreatment by Venezuelans, and even less by a vulgar military like Chavez when the Colombian ones express themselves so properly.Indeed, a lot of people do not understand that the reelection of Uribe has marked a permanent shift to the right in Colombia.

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Something taken up by the Colombian Church and other sectors while some in the opposition are taking, in my opinion, the dangerous gamble of trying to patch up once again with Chavez.As the fascist-like regime he now presides Chavez resorts to well worn strategies such as crude nationalist baiting.That is why business guilds of Colombia told Uribe that they will find new markets because Colombia should not once again bow to Chavez.

But it has become one of the playgrounds of rich Colombians who can hide there part of their fortunes.A splendid piece of Daniel on Colombia and strategic perspectives for the LA. form VENEZUELA NEWSNANDVIEWS Colombia cornered.The second change mirrors the first one: in Colombia they have resigned themselves to a long Chavez tenure, and even if he falls tomorrow they visualize an unstable and unreliable Venezuela for at least a decade anyway.Courtesy of Google Earth I made the one below, which might not be the prettiest one for sure but more useful than anything else I could find in the net.But they also know that the Colombian economy has diversified, grown and solidified whereas the Venezuelan one is more dependent than ever on oil.As such Colombia and Peru have shown a rather healthy economic grow in the recent decade, and generally warm relations.Till 6th March 2018: 15% off all. mobile phones and tablets can also be downloaded enabling customers to book on the go with access to 20,000 last minute deals.He wants to look like the Jolly Green Giant whose photo he keeps under his pillow.

The Honduras open intervention was perhaps the last nail for Chavez Colombian coffin as it was clear how Chavez treats allies.It was easy for Chavez to focus the attention on that but it will be more difficult to keep it.CUBA TALK, First Show of the year plans to discuss current events in Cuba.In other words Chavez knows that he cannot deal with the charges and prefers to attribute them to an hostile country, even if he needs to invent that hostility.It seems that in Colombia public opinion not only is backing the new bases, with the appropriate conditions, but also the tightening of relations with Venezuela.

In front of all this Colombia has only two friendly neighbors.

But there are two changes that seem to be taking place and to modify for the long term the way this chess game is played.Colombians have now the full dossier on the man and they fully know what he is able to do.

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The FARC rockets The trigger was disarmingly simple: the Colombian Army found in a FARC camp small rocket launchers made in Sweden and sold to Venezuela before Chavez became president.This is something else, probably a broad strategic move sped up when Zelaya was overthrown.In other words, UNASUR is the tool that Brazil counts on to become the king of the hill.We cannto expect Brazil to jeopradize its business in Venezuela for the sake of Colombia, but signs are promising that at least on FARC and drugs Brasilia might become less lenient with Chavez, remindign him, who knows, that after all Chavez did offer Venezuelan territory for Russian bases.Adding to this that the border is a very inhospitable jungle, there is no hard feelings left.

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