Design in Design
Student-run graphic design organization
at University of Toronto.

About Us

Mission Statement
We provide creative graphic designs for our clients and strive to build marketing and design skills for our members.

Design in Design is a student-run graphic design organization at the University of Toronto.

We produce work for student clubs at U of T (internal clients) and collaborate with organizations unaffiliated with the university (external clients) to effectively communicate their brand through logos, banners, posters, and other graphic works. We do not offer web development or video production services at this time.

We give students the opportunity to build practical experiences in design and marketing, in an industry where exploitative practices such as unpaid internships are otherwise commonplace. We are an organization that thrives on the diversity of our team, fostering the growth and advancement of each member’s work and skills.

Design in Design is a non-profit organization that accepts contributions on a voluntary basis.

Our Process

Want to request a work, or a collaboration?

1. Fill in our contact form with any inquries, questions, or requests. For Graphic Design work requests, please be as detailed as possible. (Feel free to attach any rough sketches, we accept .png / .jpg / .pdf ) We will process your form, assign it to a design team and respond ASAP.

2. After we have assesed your request, we will promptly contact you to arrange an initial meeting between you and the assigned designer(s).

3. The Design Process will then occur in the 3 stages listed below, at each individual stage, you as the cilent will be contacted and updated on our progress.
I. 30% -Assigned designers will brainstorm and come up with the initial drafts of the design.
II. 70% - A second draft of the design will be underway. Any requested revisions by the you, the cilent will be made.
III. 100% - The final version of the design will be drafted, and sent to you by our designers.

The Design Process occurs over the span of 3~4 weeks. Cilents are invited to attend our meetings in order to check up on the progress of the requested work, and to ask any questions.

note: Design-In-Design is a pro-bono, non-profit student organization. However, we do accept donations.


Design Team

Creative Director
  • Leads the design team and oversees all client projects. Assists designers with creative direction. Manages recruitment of new clients.
  • Project Managers
    • Ensures projects progress following a set timeline. Brings a marketing perspective to the project’s vision. Communicates weekly progress to clients and the creative director.
  • Designers
    • Assists clients in building a coherent project vision. Executes this vision through multiple drafts of graphic designs. Participates in a feedback process involving the client, project managers, and creative director.

Marketing Team

Marketing Director
  • Leads the marketing team. Implements marketing campaigns and related content. Oversees the club’s social media activity.
  • Marketing Representatives
    • Search for ways to expand the club’s reach. Interact with the U of T and greater community to bridge connections with the student body, potential clients, and external organizations.
  • Social Media Representatives
    • Search for ways to expand the club’s online presence. Update social media platforms with consistent, relevant content. Helps design promotional material for social media.
Public Relations Director
  • Oversees the treasurer. Acts as the first line of contact for all inquiries. Manages activities related to administration, finance, and partnerships.
  • Treasurer
    • Manages the club’s financial health. Keeps records of all spending and revenue. Consults with the events director to ensure budgets are well aligned with finances.

Events Team

Events Director
  • Leads the events team. Oversees all events planning and related aspects. Heads initiatives for budgeting, sponsorship, and fundraising.
  • Events Planner
    • Plans and executes events that will elevate the club’s presence on campus. Anticipates the needs of the U of T community when planning workshops and socials. Ensures events run smoothly on the day of.


Contact Us

Design In Design

For all inquiries, send us an email. Please specify which team or director you would like to direct your message to.

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