We design beginnings; UDesign provides creative branding solutions for clients within and outside the University of Toronto, whilst developing graphic design and marketing skills for our general members.

UofT Design is an independent, student-run graphic design and marketing organisation at the University of Toronto, St. George Campus. Our organisation produces work for student cubs at the university (internal clients), as well as organisations unaffiliated with the university (external clients). Branding solutions provided by UofT Design include logo creation, banners, posters, and other graphical works.

As an organisation of the University of Toronto, we strive to provide students the opportunity to develop practical experiences in marketing and design. UofT Design thrives on the diversity of our team; fostering the growth and advancement of each member’s work and skills to achieve quality creative solutions.

  1. Contact us through any of our methods of contact (email, snapchat, facebook) for the arrangement of an initial meeting with the presidents to discuss your request in brief.
  2. Please fill in our contact form with any inquiries, questions, or requests. For graphic design requests, please be as detailed as possible. If applicable, any rough sketches, .png / .jpg / .pdf should also be attached. Your form will be processed, and a design team will be assigned to your project
  3. After the assessment of your request, UDesign will arrange an initial meeting between you and your assigned design team
  4. The design process will occur in the three stages listed below; spanning a time frame of three to four weeks:
    1. Stage 1 - 30%: Assigned designers will brainstorm and create design proposals for the client. Any initial requested revisions by the client will be made
    2. Stage 2 - 70%: Auxiliary drafting will be underway. Any further requests/visions by the client will be made.
    3. Stage 3 - 100%: The final version of the project will be draft, and sent to the client

Clients are invited to attend work meetings with their assigned design team to provide advice, ask questions, or to check up on the progress of their requested work.

Contact Us

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